Iron’s Ex-Girlfriend Does Not Want To Have A Settlement With The Rapper

Iron's Ex-Girlfriend Does Not Want To Have A Settlement With The Rapper

Iron's Ex-Girlfriend Does Not Want To Have A Settlement With The Rapper

Iron is having a serious issue with his ex-girlfriend. He was accused of doing sexual assault with the girl initial A. Recently the rapper gave his statement, stating his innocence. As the answer to that, his ex-girlfriend, A, will not agree on a settlement. Previously, the public was shocked by the report from Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office on Mar. 14 that said rapper Iron was booked without detention on suspicion of assaulting his ex-girlfriend, Soompi  reported.
Iron was reported to have beaten his ex-girlfriend multiple times. When he realized that she was about to break up with him, he did more violence to her. He even threatened her and stabbed her. In response to the news, Iron claimed that he was innocent and didn’t do those things. The girl’s current boyfriend also spoke up and explained all the details about the assault scandal. He said that he had met Iron after the assault and he asked for his help when things went wrong, Hype  reported. It seems that Iron didn’t do as he promised because he denied every accusation on him. Thus, A’s current boyfriend defended her. Previously, A’s Instagram account was revealed, showing many of her sexy pictures. Some people believed to the Iron’s statement, but some believed the A’s side story. Recently, A’s lawyer just submitted a written statement to the court. Iron’s ex-girlfriend wanted the rapper to get punishment as he was previously giving a false statement, AllKpop  reported. Many people start to blame Iron because the damage was really bad both physically and mentally for A. Previously, Iron once stated that he stabbed his friend with a knife because his friend punched him first. Iron also confessed that he used marijuana. He said that he knew of his mistake but he personally didn’t think that marijuana was illegal, Koreaboo  reported. With the history of Iron’s behavior, many people start to believe the assault done by him. Still, people need to wait for the final result to know whether he is guilty or not. His second hearing will be held on May 30. Read Next: Jo Yoon Hee Spoke Up About Her Marriage With Lee Dong Gun & Pregnancy

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