iPod Touch 5G Problems: Battery Issues Affecting WiFi And Overheating Devices A Big Headache, Find Fix Here

iPod Touch Problems: Ever since Apple released the newest iOS early this month, numerous complaints of battery drain and other problems circle around forum and Apple support sites for people have been claiming significant battery drain, freezing screens, late reaction of gadget and hot spot issues has been experienced.

In some iOS 7.1 support sites, one user claimed that the hotspot of the user’s gadget stopped working after the iOS update.

“Same here.

Hotspot not working since I upgraded to 7.1.

Such an annoying issue.

I phoned my carrier this morning and they didn’t want to get involved since “it’s a device issue since settings can’t be saved”.

No carrier updates either when I installed 7.1.

So right now, no hotspot and no one wants to get involved.” It was also seen that a many people complained about significant battery drain after the update particularly on iPod Touch devices.

One unhappy iPod user said, “My iPod Touch  battery seem to drain much faster than usual, and charge longer.

My battery drains to 50 [percent] within an hour or so after intense use on the lowest level of brightness.” Another chipped in, saying, “My iPod Touch problems has been draining like crazy since the iOS 7.1 Update.

This morning I woke up at 8:30, my gadget was at 100 [percent].

It’s now 10:40 and my gadget is at 85 [percent].

This really needs to be fixed because I’m on my gadget basically all day and we don’t want to have to charge all the time.” Apple hasn’t yet addressed the issue of the new update but would recommend users to minimize the use of the battery by doing simple techniques to conserve battery to make the life of the iPod’s battery longer.

Tips on how to resolve iPod Touch problems caused by massive battery issues: Step 1: Restore your gadget as new iPod Step 2: Follow the guide from ipod.about.com/od/iphone3g/tp/iphone-battery-life.htm and do not install any apps or link any emails yet.

Step 3: Now install one app and use that app.

After using, go in to Settings > General > About > Diagnostics & Usage > Diagnostics & Usage Data.

You’ll list of issues/crashes in your gadget.

You don’t have to understand the code, but you can find the apps name in there, which will show you that particular app has some issue.

Step 4: Repeat until you see which apps cause huge battery drain problems and remove those apps for the meantime.

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