iPhone 6 Specs: Bending iPhone 6 And 6 Plus Video Trending, Should This Keep You From An iPhone?

A couple of days ago, a YouTube user captured a video on how the iPhone 6 specs, particularly its aluminum chassis has bent after being placed on its owner’s front pocket.  A number of people have also tried bending their iPhone 6 and 6 Plus smartphones because of the news, and there were some who reported similar problems. 

That’s why some phone manufacturers have already used the issue to throw some jabs at Apple through various social media websites.

As a newcomer in the big screen department of smartphone development, Apple may appear to be the underdog here.  However, the Cupertino manufacturer has already commented on the issue.  According to a report by GSM Arena , Apple has already made a statement.

In an interview with Re/code , the manufacturer said that the issue or problem is ‘extremely rare’.

In spite of the company’s statement, is the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus doomed to fail because of these issues concerning the aluminum design? Not quite.

In its first weekend, the two smartphones were able to sell 10 million units, and that number will continue to rise in the coming weeks and months.

In all those sold units, a grand total of nine complained about th bending issue.

However, for people who may be experiencing the same problems, they may contact Apple directly.  However, their smartphones should be able to pass a Visual Mechanical Inspection before they become eligible for a warranty replacement.   

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