iPhone 6 Plus Vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Tech Website Names Samsung Phablet As Superior Than Apple Phone, Says Readers

Ever since these two devices were launched, we already knew that they were made for each other.

The  iPhone 6 Plus vs.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 rivalry was born last September, and by now most people already have an idea of both devices’ strengths and weaknesses. 

However, as far as some readers of a tech website are concerned, it is the Galaxy Note 4 which comes on top in a number of factors when they are asked in an online poll.  According to the online poll by Phone Arena , most of its readers agree that the Samsung phablet is better than its Apple-made counterpart.  Some of the features in the poll include Design, Display and Interface, and in all departments, the Galaxy Note 4 won against the iPhone 6 Plus by an average of almost 50 percent of the total votes.  Of course we cannot say whether they are right or wrong.

Given the nature of the poll, there may have been just too many Samsung fans, or Android fans in general, which are readers of the tech website.  The fact that Phone Arena does not cater to everything Apple, iOS or OS X, could be a reason why there are fewer readers, followers or fans of the iPhone 6 Plus in the website.  Still, we cannot ignore the fact that the majority has spoken, as far as tech website is concerned.

And for its readers, it is the Galaxy Note 4 is the clear winner if it will make a head-on collision with the iPhone 6 Plus.

How about you? What’s your take in this poll? Which do you think is the best phablet for each platform design-wise and performance-wise?

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