iPhone 6 Battery Life, Improve Your Battery Life With These Tips

Here are the tips you should consider in improving your iPhone 6 battery life, according to the report of the Heavy.

The first tip in improving your iPhone 6 battery life capacity, is to adjust your display settings.

Put it on the level which you are comfortable with.

You can check it by going to the Settings, click the Display & Brightness, then “toggle switch for selecting brightness that you can turn down,” you can also turn off the option for Auto-Brightness.

The next tip you should consider is checking which apps eat a lot of your battery life.

You can check it by going to Settings, go to General, go to Usage then select Battery Usage.

It will show a breakdown of the apps that eat a lot of your battery life, then delete the app.

Mostly, the photos, games with great graphics are one of the apps that eat a lot of your battery.

So check first its data before you install in on your device.

Furthermore, another tip on improving your device battery life is to turn off your location and Wi-Fi settings, Bluetooth and your Location Services, if you are not using it or put it in an Airplane mode if you are not totally using the device.

It can guarantee that you can save a lot of battery.

“One aspect of severe battery drain that is the most frustrating is the long time it takes to recharge an iOS device.” This can be fixed and can improve your iPhone 6 battery life by speeding up your recharge time.

“You can charge them up faster by using an iPad charger instead of the default charger.”    

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