iPad Pro Rumors: 12.9″ Apple Slate Could Be Delayed As Well As Supplies For Retina Screens Become A Problem

Several days ago, there were reports claiming that the new MacBook Air with Retina Display may be postponed until later next year due to supply issues with its 11.6 and 13.3 Retina screens. 

Apple Insider reported that its sources revealed that Apple’s supply chains in China are having difficulty producing the Retina displays because they are much larger than the current supplies in the market.  If these rumors are true, then the rumored iPad Pro could also see a delay in its release, which was also tipped to fall in the first half of next year.  The new iPad Pro is reported to pack a whopping 12.9-inch Retina display, a screen larger than any tablet has today.

In some reports, the slate could even be a convertible which can transform into a full-pledged laptop like the Microsoft Surface Pro 3.  This connection is highly possible considering just how much the Redmond giant is making fun of Apple’s MacBook Air laptops which do not have a touchscreen, and is not flexible enough to fully fit a consumer’s needs in more situations.  Once the iPad Pro gets launched with this technology, the Cupertino manufacturer would finally get even with Microsoft and really go head to head and toe to toe in the tablet/laptop hybrid market.

Since late last year, there were rumors that Apple is preparing a new tablet that will crush the competition.

It was rumored to boast a 12.9-inch screen, and so a lot of people referred to it as the iPad Pro.  However, considering how Apple named its new iPhone 6 phablet, we should not be surprised to see an iPad Plus branding instead. 

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