iPad Mini 3 Release Date Rumors, Specs, & Launch Date [NEWS]

Rumors surrounding Apple’s iPad Mini 3 suggest an October 2014 release date.

Although Apple did not announce the new product’s release date at their Sept.

9 press conference, where they discussed the iPhone 6 and iOS 8, the company is expected to make an announcement soon.

The Apple iPad Mini 3’s specs are slated to include an improved camera (rumored to be 8 megapixels) and touch fingerprint sensor.

  “If the model is really slated for an October release, Apple should be coming forth with an official announcement very shortly,” The Fuse Joplin writes in a review of the product.

“The previous iPad Mini models did turn out to be a hit among the masses and Apple authorities must therefore be optimistic about this new generation of iPad as well.” Apple has not directly addressed release date and spec rumors for the iPad Mini 3.     

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