Ipad Mini 2014 Release Date: 3rd-Gen Mini Apple Slate Release Date Could Be Moved To 2015 Due To Manufacturer Problems; Tech Company Focusing On iPad Air 2?

Despite initial plans of releasing the iPad Mini 3 about one year exactly from the launch date of the iPad Mini 2, Apple seems to be pondering on the possibility of postponing to 2015 due to manufacturer issues.

According to The International Business Times , Ming-Chi Kuo, analyst of KGI Securities, indicated that aside from the delayed release of the iPad Pro, there will also be no IPad Mini 2014 release date.

Kuo added that the iPad Mini failed to garner as much sales as the company expected.

Another possible reason for the postponement is Apple’s focus on iPad Air 2.

He said, “Compared with lower-margin iPad mini with Retina display, which shipments has been tepid, higher-margin iPad Air was a hot selling item in 4Q13, which will slow Apple in developing new iPad mini models.

We believe Apple plans to launch upgraded iPad Air early this year, and will accelerate development of 12.9 inches iPad.

As such, more resources will be allocated to these two products, which will affect the progress of the development of new iPad mini.

All told, we think chances of the debut of a new iPad mini in 2H14 are slim.

In addition, the 12.9 inches iPad is unlikely to be offered in 2014.

For these reasons, we predict the only new iPad product in 2H14 will be the upgraded iPad Air.” Other possible reasons for the absence of an Ipad Mini 2014 release date is that the iPad Mini and iPhone 6 Plus, which was recently released, have several similar features and are relatively close in terms of function and purpose.

In a report by Tablet News , cannibalization within the same business may occur where the sales of one product will suffer to benefit the other.

During the Apple Press Conference on September 9, 2014, the company only announced the release dates of the iPhone 6 and iOS8.

There was no news regarding an Ipad Mini 2014 release date.


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