IOI to perform on KBS ‘Music Bank’ yearend special and Gayo Daejun

IOI to perform on KBS 'Music Bank' yearend special and Gayo Daejun

IOI to perform on KBS 'Music Bank' yearend special and Gayo Daejun

YMC Entertainment has confirmed that one of IOI’s last scheduled performance for this year will be at KBS. IOI is set to perform on the 23rd year-end episode of KBS “Music Bank.” IOI is also set to perform on the 29th, KBS “Gayo Daejun” special. There are no announcements yet as to whether IOI will perform on SBS “SAF” and MBC’s “Gayo Daejun.” According to  Soompi , a source said that IOI’s KBS “Gayo Daejun” appearance would be their last this year. After that, there are only IOI’s final unit schedules and the final concert left.
Many fans are hoping that IOI performance will be long. They also want the group to perform the “Hip Song,” which they performed on “Sugarman” before. Also, fans are longing to see “Whatta Man” be performed by the whole group and not just the unit members. Many fans are saddened by the fact that IOI is going to disband real soon. Many fans, especially the Korean netizens, have developed a particular fondness towards the group. They are loved by many and their recent “Rookie OF The Year” award from MAMA is the greatest testament to that. Kpopstarz  has reported that IOI is set to have a concert next year. They will have a three-day farewell concert for their beloved fans. It will be titled “Time Slip – I.O.I” on January 20-22, 2017 at Jangchung Gymnasium, Seoul. Moreover, IOI members have promised each other that they will meet often and will reunite after 5-10 years. They recently visited ” Knowing Brothers ” and they held a “graduation” ceremony for the IOI members there. IOI is a girl group from MNET’s “Produce 101”. They are from different agency and are only contracted for a year to do promotions together. We do hope KBS will give them super long performance slot at the yearend specials. We all know IOI deserve every second they are given to perform.     

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