‘Insurgent’ Cast Ansel Elgort Unleashes Antics At Nicholl Awards; Possible Romance With Co-star Shailene Woodley Totally Dead Now She’ Dating Musician?

“Insurgent” cast Ansel Elgort showed off his silly side at the Nicholl Awards as his rumored romance with co-star Shailene Woodley is hopeless now that she’s reported to be dating a Hawaiian musician.

A report from Variety  magazine said that “Insurgent” cast Ansel Elgort was at the Sameul Goldwyn Theater on Thursday night for the Nicholl Fellowship in screenwriting awards.

It was the second consecutive year where actors read live scenes from selected scripts.

For this year, Ansel Elgort joined Tessa Thompson of “Selma;” Clancy Brown of “The Shawshank Redemption;” Jack O’ Connell of “Unbroken.” “The biggest laughs of the night came during the final reading of a scene from Alisha Brophy and Scott Miles’ comedy script ‘United States of Fuckin’ Awesome,'” the magazine said.

The script posits that the founding fathers George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson will go out for a drink after drafting the Declaration of Independence.

“Elgort, Brown and O’Connell read the parts of Jefferson, Franklin and Washington, respectively, and humorously portrayed the scene in which, after a night of debauchery, the trio realize that the Declaration of Independence has gone missing,” Variety noted.

After the live reading, fans made their way to the actors, particularly “Insurgent” cast Ansel Elgort, who proved to be very popular with the ladies, for autographs.

Meanwhile, the rumored romance between “Insurgent” cast Ansel Elgort and co-star Shailene Woodley is now dead in the water as she’s reported to be dating folk singer and surfer Nahko Bear after they were spotted being cozy together on the Hamakua Coast of the Big Island, said   Yahoo News .

The article mentioned that Nahko Bear, who fronts the band Nahko and Medicine for the People, is more of the free-spirit just like Shailene Woodley.

In an earlier interview with Huffington Post , Shailene Woodley’s rumored boyfriend Nahko Bear said that he envisions his band “To be a catalyst for big environmental and social change in all kinds of communities.

We’re already seeing that, so I think that’s destiny.”

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