Insta K-pop: Your Idol’s Posted Instagram Photos from Sept 22-28

Insta K-pop: Your Idol's Posted Instagram Photos from Sept 22-28
Insta K-pop: Your Idol's Posted Instagram Photos from Sept 22-28

    KpopStarz bought another surprise Instagram latest updates from you beloved K-pop idols.Check it out!

Hyomin newly releases  B-cut photograph from the filming of T-ara’s new music video “Number Nine.” Likes: 26.6K   comments: “wow, very sexy Hyomin’, ‘cute’, “So sexy and your body really so good” Hyomin uploaded another B-cut photograph from the making of T-ara’s new music video “Number Nine.”  Likes: 18.4K Comments: “love you, Hyomin”,”in Mongolia”,”JEEP JEEP” Aron cafe time in Chuseok  Likes: 10.9K Comments: ” Awww,family bonding with Minnie and his sister”, “cute”,”should have take Ren together” Aron flaunts his new haircut Likes: 9,005 Comments: ” So handsome,hastags suit you”, “you’re so goodlooking baby,ilove you” Brian Joo cool guy pose in front of a billboard for his new musical “Healing Hearts, Season 3.” Likes: 2.24K Comments: “lol,same pose”, Aja,aja haiwting, love your smile and teeth Brian Joo takes adorable selca break and poses with Lee Jung, Lyn, and Jin Hwan Likes: 2.32K Comments: Fly to the sky, Oh don’t know who they are,Lyn is beautiful Heechul back to work again filming is a bit awkward Likes: 88.6K Comments: “Oppa you are beautiful”, “Heenim is sexy everywhere,everywhere” Super Junior bonds to celebrate Shindong’s birthday.

Likes: 111K Comments: “my love,men”, “my teddy bear columbia loves you”,” wow..

i love this pic” Heechul and Son Dambi, cute couple don’t you think? Likes: 70.2K Comments: “Is she his girlfriend”, “heenim and son dambi, just friends” Jia with her cute bestfriend Luca Likes: 23K Comments: “cute”, “so cute”,”Luca is so cute” Jia and Fei looks like a road trip to Gwangju.  Likes: 23.3K Comments: ‘I’m trippin i thought it was exo chen lol” Min showed her bare-faced selca Likes: 21K Comments: “Aah my baby Min, so cute”, “So”, “Sexy love you” Min and Amber srike their pose Likes: 30.6K Comments: “jjang”,”Min unniee cute alwayd love ya”,” love you both” Baby Hyerim looks innocent Likes: 6.01K Comments: “Omg”, “cute”, “I thought this is a recent photo of you” Hyerim getting her makeup done for “Pops in Seoul.”  Likes: 5.69K Comments: “lol, BoA picture”, ” LOOK AT ALL THE MAKE UP COLLECTION..

envies” Seulong what’s with the statement? Likes: 17.4K Comments: “OMG BREAKER love you”, Soo Handsome, “New song very nice” CL is ready to party! Likes: 94.4K Comments: “so cool”, “Hmmm..

too much”, “ASAP rocks” CL being comfy sitting Likes: 104K Comments: “I have nothing but love for you”, “come to me baby” 2ne1 wine fun night Likes: 177K Comments: “2ne1″, love you all”, “beautiful 2ne1 awesome CL” Minzy’s fall outfit Likes: 47.2K Comments: “…and your hair is fall color”, you look pretty, dear Minzy” Minzy at “Vogue Fashion Night Out.” Camera loves her Likes: 42.3K Comments: ‘Minzy kiyomi”, “love your hair hon”, “Miiiiiiiiiinzy S2” BFFs Taeyang and G-Dragon looks fierce.

Likes: 168K Comments: “OMG”, “Gold Boy”, ‘Same like Madonna” G-Dragon stills on a photo shoot Likes: 200K Comments: “WOW take me with you babe!”, “So hot” G-Dragon holds up CDs of his second full-length album “Coup D’Etat.” Likes: 186K Comments: “wooooooooooooooooooow ooppa i love you so much” Taeyeon dream a job of being a paparazzi and takes a picture of Girls’ Generation’s airport fashion.  Likes: 142K Comments: “Tae i love you”, “so beautiful” Taeyeon posts a series of mustache portraits.  Likes: 187K Comments: ‘Cheiro de couro’,’i dream u tonight’, badaii Hyoyeon “The magic of Photoshop” Likes: 96.1K Comments: ‘Picart’,’Haha twinkle’, ‘iloveyou’ Hyoyeon felt happy at Shinhye Kim’s art exhibit.

  Likes: 105K Comments: ‘unniee sarangheyo’, hyoyeon,’ you are the perfect dancer’ HaraStar Bucks Likes: 22.4K Comments: ‘thats cool’, ‘look like Dara’, lolol looks like Miss Dara NicoleStar Bucks Likes: 19.5K Comments: “How to get it?!!!, ‘omg the sexy starbucks ever, so cuteee Kang Jiyoung loves to sip her chocolate milk while smiling in the camera Likes: 16.5K Comments: ‘my cuteeee’, look like Victoria, kawai SungyeonStar Bucks  Likes: 5.72K Comments: “welcome to Instagram”, ‘cute cute cute’, ‘Hi Seungyeon’  This wraps up the Instagram Idol madness.

Please stay tuned for more KpopStarz update on you favorite K-pop artists.

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