[Infinity Challenge] Legend H.O.T returned in 17 years

On MBC ‘Infinite Challenge – Toto 3’ broadcast on 24th, H.O.T. Special release, H.O.T members gathered in 17 year and had performance in front of the fans. The process was not easy. Members gathered at the end of several discussions and tried to go back to those days when they were idols of teenagers, by practicing singing, dancing and managing physical fitness. But it was full of reward and emotion. The stage was reproduced for 17 years, and the fans who waved white balloons and sang together were spectacular. The members said, “I think it’s been 17 years to say hello. This place is so dreamy. I had a lot of things to say, but I cannot open mouth. ” The venue soon became a tearful sea. Since the advent of H.O.T, a lot of fans have been tearful of tears, and the members who sang songs were the same. The fans and members could not control the tears. Infinity Challenge was ranked number one among all entertainment programs on Saturday.

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