INFINITE’s Dongwoo Visits Nicole Backstage At ‘Music Bank’

INFINITE's Dongwoo Visits Nicole Backstage At 'Music Bank'
INFINITE's Dongwoo Visits Nicole Backstage At 'Music Bank'

  Former KARA member Nicole updated fans on Instagram about her recent activities by posting a photo of herself posing with INFINITE’s Dongwoo.

In her post, Nicole, who recently debuted a soloist, thanked the charismatic rapper for his support.

On November 28, Dongwoo surprised Nicole with a backstage visit before her debut Music Bank  performance for her single “Mama.” Nicole was overjoyed by his supportive gesture and quickly shared a selfie with her many followers.

Along with the picture she wrote, “Dongwoo oppa came to Music Bank .

So touched.”

This isn’t the first time Dongwoo has shown his close friendship with Nicole.

He is featured in the song “7-2=Misunderstanding” from Nicole’s debut mini album “First Romance.” You can click here  to listen to a sample of the track.

You can also check out the debut performance of “Mama” below! Dongwoo is likely cheering backstage rather loudly.

Infinite will release the music video for their third Japanese single “Dilemma” on December 24 .

If you don’t want to miss any daily Nicole updates, click here  to follow her on Instagram.

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