In-depth Look At Lee Sung Kyung And Hyung Sik’s ‘True Colors’ Performance for ‘Trolls’ OST

In-depth Look At Lee Sung Kyung And Hyung Sik's 'True Colors' Performance for 'Trolls' OST

In-depth Look At Lee Sung Kyung And Hyung Sik's 'True Colors' Performance for 'Trolls' OST

Last Feb. 13, Lee Sung Kyung and Hyungsik performed a live acoustic performance of “True Colors” in front of an audience. This was to be used as a soundtrack for the animated movie, “Trolls”. The two stars showed that an actress and a seasoned singer can do pretty well with a live song performance. The powdery pink background of the stage, matched with the floating lights surely made the performance a one-of-a-kind romantic show. According to All Kpop , the two stars have also featured as voice actors in “Shrek”, “Trolls” and “Kungfu Panda”. Last Feb. 16, they once again collaborated with each other for another Dreamworks film project.

The two Korean stars were the ones chosen for the Korean remake of the American animated film, “Trolls”. According to Soompi , Lee Sung Kyung said in an interview that she has some similar traits with the movie’s character, Poppy. The actress says that her facial expressions are similar with that of Poppy. She then later demonstrated her facial expression. With this, it is very evident that Lee Sung Kyung is really into animated movies. One can also clearly see that she is a child at heart. But despite this, she, together with Hyung Sik, have the maturity to know on how to make a mark in the industry. The actress also said that her favorite scene in the movie was when Park Hyung Sik’s character screamed. The reason behind her fondness of that scene was that it was very funny and memorable. She even says that she had imitated the scream a couple of times. With all of these being said, the two Korean celebrities sure know how to capture the attention and hearts of the people. With their recent performance on the song, “True Colors”, who knows what next projects awaits the two. Whatever it is, it will surely be a successful one.

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