“I’m still only eating 1 meal per day”: 2PM’s Junho Revealed On His Intense ‘Chief Kim’ Diet

I'm still only eating 1 meal per day: 2PM's Junho Revealed On His Intense 'Chief Kim' Diet

For 2PM’s Junho, getting back in the drama scene is really a hard work. This is revealed with the intense “one meal a day” diet he just went through for his role in the new upcoming drama “Chief Kim.” In it, he needed to look like a very sharp businessman so the idol worked hard to get into a better shape and give the best for his fans. In a report made by Allkpop , it revealed the real score for 2PM Junho’s intense diet for his newest endeavor “Chief Kim” drama. “I’m still only eating 1 meal per day. It was so difficult. That’s how desperate I was about losing weight,” He said about it. Also, he added that he needed to tend to his body after it looked bad in the last few weeks.
When 2PM Junho got the news of his inclusion in “Chief Kim,” he was really happy according to the news. In spite, he hesitated because of his current body condition which he thinks isn’t good for TV drama at the moment. For that reason, he did his best to exercise and diet to get back his much coveted V-line. On the other hand, Soompi  also supported the news of 2PM Junho’s struggle to be able to portray the successful prosecutor role he got from “Chief Kim” drama. “I decreased my contact with people but since I stopped meeting them, I think my personality became weird,” this is what he added about his preparations. For the role, 2PM Junho didn’t only undergo an intense “one meal a day” diet. Accordingly, he also needed to separate himself from other people to get the vibe of his character. His attention and effort for “Chief Kim” is really admirable!  In all, the fans of 2PM Junho must watch out for his big transformation in “Chief Kim.” His entire diet and struggle payoff will be revealed on its premier this coming week.

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