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IKON’s Chanwoo Hospitalized After Ankle Injury: Will Chanwoo Join iKON In Long-Awaited Comeback?

IKON's Chanwoo Hospitalized After Ankle Injury: Will Chanwoo Join iKON In Long-Awaited Comeback?

IKON’s Chanwoo has been sent to the hospital. The idol sustained an injury during filming for a music video for the group’s upcoming comeback. Koreaboo reports that iKON’s Chanwoo was sent to the hospital following an injury sustained during a filming for a music video for their upcoming comeback. YG Entertainment reported that Chanwoo insisted to continue the filming but the agency sent him to the hospital instead.
YG Entertainment then released a statement, revealing that the idol has injured his ankle. The actor’s tendons were reportedly stretched as well. The agency also stated that the doctors indicated that it is not a serious injury. Fortunately, iKON’s Yokohama Arena Dome tour in Japan won’t be affected. As long as Chinwoo won’t do any heavy dancing, the injured ankle won’t be a significant problem for his health. Chanwoo and the rest of iKON are slated to fly to Yokohama, Japan today (March 18) for their 3-day tour. Chanwoo is confirmed to join the rest of the group as his injury was not that serious. However, Chanwoo won’t be participating to any choreography so as not to put stress his ankles. IKON started filming on March 15 for the first music video. The group is then slated to film another MV as Soompi reports that iKON will be debuting with two title songs. It is still unclear though, whether Chanwoo would be participating in next week’s shoot. IKON’s comeback is slated after WINNER’s, but with no confirmed date so far. Soompi also reports that iKON’s next album will be filled with songs written by iKON members themselves. IKON has been recently performing in Japan to gain experience. They even won the New Artist of The Year Award and the Best 3 New Artists Award during the 31 st Japan Golden Disc Awards. Congratulations iKON, and good luck in your upcoming comeback! Stay tuned here at KpopStarz for more iKON and K-pop news!