iKON Make Official Debut With ‘Rythym Ta’ And ‘Airplane’

iKON Make Official Debut With 'Rythym Ta' And 'Airplane'

iKON Make Official Debut With 'Rythym Ta' And 'Airplane'

iKON has officially debuted with two distinctive title tracks, “Rhythm Ta” and “Airplane!”
On October 1 KST, both music videos were uploaded onto iKON’s official YouTube account. While most groups debut with only one track, iKON fans were lucky enough to receive two special songs from the boys (not counting their warm-up single “My Type” and the two other title tracks projected with their full album release in November). The two songs could not be more different in song structure and vibe but together they showcase iKON’s artistic diversity.

“Rhythm Ta” is a mid-tempo hip hop song with a catchy, head nodding beat and an addictive chorus. The video places iKON between a locker room, a basketball court, and various other street style backdrops. Alternating between white robes, t-shirts and jeans, and the red basketballs from the teaser poster iKON shows off not only their vocal skills but some smooth dance moves as well.
“Airplane,” on the other hand, is a much softer love song. Similar to “My Type,” “Airplane” focuses heavily on iKON’s singing abilities in addition to highlighting their rapping. The video follows members B.I and Bobby and the love triangle they’re caught between. Seeing Bobby and B.I act as the stars of the video only adds to the showcase of iKON’s many abilities.
In addition to the two title tracks, the first half of their debut album Welcome Back was released through online platforms. The second half will be revealed on November 1.
Check out “Rhythm Ta” and “Airplane” below:

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