‘I Can’t Escape: Darkness’ Needs Greenlight Votes To Be Available On Steam By Halloween Before It Engulfs PC Gamers In Fear In January 2015

Walking around the dark for the entire duration of a game sounds particularly frustrating when you need to retrieve important items (i.e.

the dark ship board on ‘Donkey Kong Country 2′) but somehow Fancy Fish Games has made the premise of traveling in the dark work.

After the success of free-for-play indie game “I Can’t Escape,” the developing team has returned with follow up game, “I Can’t Escape: Darkness.” The sequel has a trailer and a few gaming sites have broken down what they’ve seen of the game so far, but before the game hits PCs in January, Fancy Fish Games is hoping that it will get enough greenlight votes to be available on Steam by October 31st.

“This is a door that many will pass, but few will open.

What secrets lie hidden beyond,” teased Fancy Fish Games founder David Maletz on Twitter about upcoming indie game sequel “I Can’t Escape: Darkness.” In case you missed it, “I Can’t Escape” is an indie game that was released for free last year in which the main goal of the game is to escape a dungeon with little to no light sources and ambient horrific sounding music.

It’s an extremely simple premise that garnered over 250,000+ players according to Siliconera .

After the success of “I Can’t Escape,” Fancy Fish Games announced that “I Can’t Escape: Darkness” is set to be available on PC in January of 2015.

They’ve also released teasers and various hints about what fans can expect of the game, in a hopes that they’ll garner enough votes to be available on indie game platform Steam by October 31st in celebration of Halloween.

Indie Game Magazine reports that the new game will contain expanded dungeons that are procedurally generated to prevent spoilers from online walkthroughs.

They also report that, “An inventory system has been added to the game as well, giving players a few more ways to interact with the game.” Fans can head over to Steam to vote for the game here if they want it by October.

Otherwise they’ll have about three more months to wait before “I Can’t Escape: Darkness” becomes available on PCs.


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