Hyunseung To Go Solo, BEAST To Continue With 5 Members

Hyunseung To Go Solo

Hyunseung To Go Solo, BEAST To Continue With 5 Members

On April 19, Cube Entertainment issued a press release in regards to the departure of now former BEAST member, Hyunseung. According to Soompi , Cube Entertainment stated the following in the release: “Hello, this is Cube Entertainment. We give our thanks to the fans who love BEAST, and we have something to inform you about.
As of today, Jang Hyunseung has withdrawn from BEAST, and the group has been reorganized to consist of five members:  Yoon Doojoon ,  Lee Gikwang , Yang Yoseob,  Yong Junhyung , and Son Dongwoon. Jang Hyunseung desires to focus on making his own music as a solo artist instead of as a member of BEAST in the future. Jang Hyunseung and the five members have been talking and consulting continually with the company about making a change to team activities due to differences in personality that began with different opinions on music. After long deliberation between all the members, it was agreed that the group would part company with Jang Hyunseung and the team would be reorganized. BEAST has been working hard for the past seven years without rest for the fans and their shared goal of reaching the top. Because of this, this decision was not easy for the members, company, or anyone. BEAST, which has now changed to a five-member group, plans to get ready to release a new album in 2016 and be active both domestically and overseas. Please continue to support and show interest in both BEAST and Jang Hyunseung, who will be doing their best in their own positions. Thank you.” The rumors of Hyunseung’s departure began in February where fans noticed the member’s “uninterested” attitude and expression during various broadcasts and performances. It was then confirmed by Cube that the former BEAST member was leaving. But now an official announcement has been made, the question is whether Hyunseung will renew his contract as a solo artist under Cube Entertainment or leave the agency. BEAST’s contract is said to end this October 2016.

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