Hyuna Looks ‘A’wesome’ In Teasers For 5th EP

Hyuna Looks 'A'wesome' In Teasers For 5th EP

Hyuna Looks 'A'wesome' In Teasers For 5th EP

Former 4Minute member Hyuna is going back to her old style for her next album. Hyuna’s new album is called ” A’wesome ” and has a title track called “How Is It?” The release is Hyuna’s first solo comeback in nearly a year, and photos of the album jacket filming were uploaded through Hyuna’s official social media accounts on July 25. The mini album will be released at midnight on Aug. 1. 

“How Is It?” is a hard-hitting track with elements of both trap and hip-hop and is produced by Seo Jaewu, the same person that created Hyuna’s previous hits “RED” and “Because I’m The Best.” The jacket images, which were filmed in Bali, Indonesia, emphasize Hyuna’s pure and sensual beauty by showing her in a range of natural environments with low make and bright, light colors.  This album marks 10 years since Hyuna first debuted and is her first album since her group 4Minute disbanded earlier in 2016.            

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