HyunA, Ga In, Hyorin And Sojin Took Over Dior Event


HyunA, Ga In, Hyorin And Sojin Took Over Dior Event

Dior has recently held a product launch party last Feb. 16. The glamorous event was in Gangnam and was done in order to market their “Dior Addict Lacquer Stick”. With this, K-pop girl heartthrobs, HyunA, Ga In, Hyorin and Sojin all came to the event as they were invited. The four girls all flaunted their beautiful skin that perfectly matched their magnificent outfit for the night. Some fashion experts even say that they have outshined the other high-profile names in the event, and even the diamonds. According to K-pop Music Times , Dior was the one who sponsored the product launch party even that was held in the famous Gangnam District.
Apart from the big names in the K-pop world, a few of the newest Korean starlets also showed that they had what it takes to take part in the event. Fans from all over the world were also able to tune in to the event as the girls updated their Instagram accounts every now and then as the even progressed. They showed how they dressed, as well as what the event looked like. Dior is a French fashion company that makes and designs fashion accessories, jewelries, fragrances, footwear and skincare products. Dior surely knows how to take on a bigger market with the help of some of the prettiest faces in the K-pop industry. What better way to promote the brand by inviting the prettiest faces of the world of K-pop? According to Soompi , the event became more glamorous than expected, thanks to the presence of the very popular K-pop girls. With all of these being said, the Dior brand surely had a marketing and sales boost with the help of the biggest and pretties names in the K-pop entertainment industry. HyunA, Hyorin, Ga In and Sojin surely took over the Dior event.

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