Hyuna Dominates In Her ‘How’s This?’ Choreography Dance Practice

After  Hyuna ‘s first win with ‘ How’s This? ‘, she has released the choreography dance practice video for this song, celebrating her win.
At the beginning of the video,  Hyuna  is seen greeting her fans and introducing her self before showcasing the practice dance. She also hoped everyone would exercise and dance along with her throughout the video. In this video, fans can see the simple and chill dance that can’t be pulled off by just anyone. The dance shows off what it is like at clubs and thus there isn’t much complicated choreography in it.  Hyuna  definitely killed it in this choreography where she was able to show her presence throughout the dance. Even with a room full of people,  Hyuna  was still able to dominate the dance floor, making the whole choreography fun and exciting. Overall,  Hyuna  showed a very strong and fun dance practice. Congratulations to  Hyuna  for winning her first win for ‘ How’s This? ‘! I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did.    

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