Hyuna Asks ‘How’s This?’ In New Music Video

Hyuna ‘s back with her first solo video after almost a year, and it’s everything we could have asked for. In ‘ How’s This ?’, the famele rapper has lots of fun in a dance club while performing awesome dance moves. She’s looking beautiful with a natural hair and party outfits. The song is basically rap, but has an amazing beat drop at the chorus. The lyrics are about having fun at a party with your friends, and the music video surely stands up to them.

So, “How’s This”  Hyuna  comeback for you? This isn’t my favorite song from her, but I’m not disappointed either. It surely matches her style and she seems very comfortable with it. It’s important to remember that this is the beginning of  Hyuna ‘s official solo career. Although she had a solo career before, she was a member of  4MINUTE , and since the group has disbanded with her being the only one remaining at  CUBE Entertainment , we may consider her as a solo artist from now on. ‘How’s This’ comes with  Hyuna ‘s 5th mini-album, ‘ A ‘ wesome ‘, which you can already purchase at Yesasia .    

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