Hyorin & Joo Young, ‘Top Class’ Collaboration

Hyorin & Joo Young
Hyorin & Joo Young

Girl group SISTAR ‘s member Hyorin and singer Joo Young revealed a self-camera photo taken together.

On November 20, Hyorin posted on SISTAR’s Twitter, “It’s noon soon.

Hyorin and Joo Young’s ‘Erase’ is being released today and we are also performing on ‘M! Countdown’ today.

You waited long, right? You’ll be surprised.

Don’t miss it” along with a picture.

In the picture, Hyorin and Joo Young are smiling for the camera together.

Internet users who saw this commented, “The song is so good,” “I’m looking forward to the stage too,” and “Hyorin is so pretty.”

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