Hyorin & Joo Young Reveal Behind The Scenes Video For ‘Erase’

Hyorin & Joo Young Reveal Behind The Scenes Video For 'Erase'
Hyorin & Joo Young Reveal Behind The Scenes Video For 'Erase'

  Starship Entertainment has released the making-of film for Hyorin and Joo Young’s debut music video “Erase.” The video reveals brand new footage from the music video set and the behind-the-scenes antics of the idols.

Hyorin and Cross Gene’s Takuya, who played her love interest, are shown to have amazing chemistry even when the camera isn’t rolling.

For the intimate bedroom scenes, the two seem preoccupied with doing goofy expressions and making each other laugh.

Hyorin’s collaboration partner, Joo Young, is equally as playful, stalking the camera and then hiding from it as the staff members laugh.

The singing duo are perfectionists, since they spend every free moment either practicing a dance move or talking about the upcoming scene.

The staff is also shown to be very committed to the filming process, as stylists prep and makeup artists swoop in expertly when needed.

Check out the interesting inside look into what it takes to film a successful K-Pop music video below! Hyorin was recently chosen as a musical mentor for Starship Entertainment’s boy group survival competition No.MERCY .

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