Hwayoung.Com Creator Speaks Out About T-ARA Bullying Controversy

Hwayoung.Com Creator Speaks Out About T-ARA Bullying Controversy
Hwayoung.Com Creator Speaks Out About T-ARA Bullying Controversy

On July 30th, a website called ‘Hwayoung.com’ was created in the aftermath of the T-ARA  bullying controversy.

An anonymous internet user created the website to reveal the truth behind T-ARA Hwayoung ‘s contract cancellation.

The website also calls for the resignation of T-ARA from the industry and their disbanding in general.

He told many press that he believes that it is his right to know the truth behind the contract cancellation as a fan.

This is the excerpt from a interview he did.


Why did you create Hwayoung.com? A.

I believe the management deserves criticism for simply announcing, without any explanation, the cancellation of a singer belonging to a very famous and popular girl group.

A celebrity’s contract was cancelled, someone who has a lot of fans and it’s clear that the fans were ignored as well.

I believe that we have the right to know what happened and that’s why I created the website.


What do you believe is the problem behind the recent events around the bullying controversy? A.

It’s not about the rumours about bullying.

I believe that the problem is with the management company, who were not able to communicate effectively with the T-Ara members and unable to catch any of these events happening.

They were also negligent in managing the girls and their private lives.


What do you think about what Hwayoung said on her Twitter after the announcement? A.

I believe that she must be going through a very hard time right now.

If the management is honest about what they did, I believe that Hwayoung and the fans will be able to start fresh without much disappointment or resentment.


Where do you plan to go from here? A.

I want to be actively demanding the truth and communicating with anyone who might know anything.

I want to be the announcing voice of what really happened with the T-ARA controversy.

I don’t have plans to do anything offline.

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