‘Hwarang’ teaser says Minho is a gigolo

'Hwarang' teaser says Minho is a gigolo

'Hwarang' teaser says Minho is a gigolo

So it is known that there is a big splash in the promotions of the new MBC TV drama “Hwarang.” Everyone who has watched the teasers flooding the media confirms that they are on the offbeat side. In Minho’s promotional still, a new character angle surfaces – Minho is a Casanova! His teaser captured it through and through.The accompanying Hwarang  scenes present Minho as the apple of the girls’ eyes wherever he goes.
He gets a crowd of women swooning over him and his moves’ as he plays ball or the traditional Korean sport. He teases the girls in cute smiles; he pursues them (kisses them too). Why is he being portrayed a Casanova here? Typically, the Casanova moniker refers to a sweet-tongued guy.who is a pioneer in drawing beautiful women under his spell. He will eventually persuade them to spend time with him in bed. Luckily the last part of the description never appeared in the teaser! The attraction through Minho ‘s looks seems to show off. This early, a character is shaping, no one doubts that at the moment. However, there is that one serious girl who caught his attention – a very convincing twist for a character introduction. (Aro is serious here, no trace of those body contortions present in the trailers released before Minho’s). Why doesn’t she swoon for her in the teaser? Could this be the girl he will finally run after and he, the Casanova will exchange “I love yous” to? Earlier on, scene snippets highlighting the three characters Aro, Sumo, and Jinheung flashed on social media and TV drama sites. A poster appeared same time the video teasers were released. The publicity dubbed it the Trio. The trio, Go Ara, Park Seo Joon, and Park Hyungsik punches in a love triangle. It takes the viewers to the saga of feuding royalties and commoners, a slant very essential in the understanding why characters in the drama act the way they do. The actual script is not on TV yet, and already, the television “aficionados” get hooked. An interesting take on the evening television tuner is underway.

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