Hulk Hogan News: Veteran Wrestler Insists He’s Not Racist After Alleged ‘Anti-Black’ Dress Code; Says Rule Is Already Taken Down

Said to have been flourishing for at least three years now, Hulk Hogan’s restaurant in Tampa, Florida has been recently all over the news this week for its strict imposition of alleged ‘anti-black’ dress code.

Amidst reports on TMZ, the veteran wrestler strongly insists that he is not being racist and said that it is the restaurant manager that dictates the dress code.

A photo of the list of dress code posted in the Daily Mail Online revealed that Hogan’s Beach (not personally-owned by the wrestler but franchises his name) do not allow customers wearing ‘excessively baggy attire’, ‘hanging pants or shorts’, ‘excessive jewelry’, ‘skull caps, bandanas or do-rags and ‘hats or visors worn sideways or backfacing’.

Customers reacted as the apparel and clothing are said to be usually worn among Black people.

The announcement is posted in front of the establishment with the sign “No Exception” including the WWE star who is characterized by wearing bandanas or necklaces with a big cross pendant in his appearance on TV.

In an interview with TMZ, the 62-year old wrestler initially said that he is not aware that such dress code exists as he does not personally manage the place saying ‘he would look into it’.

Latest reports of the website said that the Hulk has already acted towards the people’s complaints and has made the dress code taken down after speaking to the manager.

He further said that the rules are actually taken from the establishments in Miami and Las Vegas that offer pool parties.

And that he understands why people are reacting violently.

‘I don’t want to sound stereotypical…’ he said.

Terry Bollea aka ‘Hulk Hogan’ has involved himself in business after his prolific wrestling career.

He has invested on the Pastamania restaurant in Minnesota’s Mall Of America until its close down in 1995.

He is also the endorser of the Hulk Hogan Thunder Mixer blender and the Hulkster Burgers.


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