Huh Gak On Challenging Songs, ‘My Voice Fades If I Sing Too Much’

Huh Gak On Challenging Songs
Huh Gak On Challenging Songs

Singer Huh Gak honestly revealed that a lot of his songs are “hard to sing,” arousing laughter.

On November 28, Huh Gak held his second concert “HUH GAK STORY” at the Olympic Part Art Hall in Seou.

After his first few songs, he drank water and said, “They’re my songs but they’re hard.”

He continued, “‘To Say Today’ is my song but it’s a little hard.

A lot of my songs are hard.

You agree, right?,” arousing laughter.

He continued, “Especially men, if you go to karaoke and sing my songs a lot, it’ll kill your throat.” Huh Gak released his digital single “Day And Night” last month.

His concert “HUH GAK STORY” will be continued until November 29.

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