‘How To Train Your Dragon’ 3 Release Date Bumped Because Of ‘Finding Nemo’ Sequel ‘Finding Dory?’ ‘Lego Movie 3’ A Less Fiercer Competition?

“How To Train Your Dragon” 3 release date has been reportedly pushed off because of fiercer competition? With the huge success the second installment of the franchise gained, not only in the box office but with movie reviews as well, it’s but natural for DreamWorks Animation to expand the franchise as reported by Screen Rant .

The film was able to outperform “The Lego” movie at the worldwide box office market for having been able to cross the $600 million mark.

However, “How to Train Your Dragon 3” is reportedly going to have to consider its competition to be able to outperform the success of its prequel.

The third installment of the franchise was first scheduled for a release date on June 17, 2016, exactly the same date that Pixar would release the highly anticipated sequel to “Finding Nemo” entitled, “Finding Dory.” It’s now being pushed on June 9, 2017.

Not that the dragon-themed animation will not encounter any competition when it moved its release date a year after as “The Lego Movie 3” will reportedly debut on the 26th of May, hence the weekend would basically be a competition between the two films.

Thus, it’s safe to assume that DreamWorks Animation is confident that it’ll put up a good fight with “The Lego Movie 3.” Originally, the “How To Train Your Dragon” franchise is set as a trilogy, but following the release of the second sequel word has it that the Animation studio is already considering a fourth sequel claiming that the writer/director for both of the Dragon films, Dean DeBlois, has opened his door for the possibility of the fourth sequel.

Are you worried about “How To Train Your Dragon” 3 release date or are you confident that the film will again gain box office success? Sound off in the comments section below.

Meanwhile you can watch “HTTYD” 2 trailer below:

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