How Suzy Bae Reacted To Lee Min Ho’s Military Enlistment

How Suzy Bae Reacted To Lee Min Ho's Military Enlistment

How Suzy Bae Reacted To Lee Min Ho's Military Enlistment

Just recently, it has been confirmed that Lee Min Ho will be enlisting in the military. Because of this, thousands of fans from all over the world started to worry about the fate of the actor’s relationship with his girlfriend, Suzy Bae. And because of the news that Lee Min Ho is finally going to enlist himself in the military this coming May, many are led to believe that this could also mean the end of his relationship with Suzy Bae. Reports have it that Lee Min Ho is going to be enlisting in the South Korean military this coming May 12, 2017. According to Korea Portal , the first task of Lee Min Ho as part of the South Korean military will be at the Gangnam District Office which is located in Seoul City.
With this, many are starting to worry as to what will happen with the relationship of Lee Min Ho and Suzy Bae. Though it might well be that their relationship will still go as normal, some are still believing that it might spell the end of the couple’s popular relationship. However, there are also reports that suggest that the celebrity couple is already engaged and are already preparing to be married really soon. But on top of all the speculations, the most surprising is that the two are already expecting their first baby together. Then there are those rumors that the two will be married before Lee Min Ho’s military enlistment. Unfortunately, despite the many speculations swirling everywhere, none of these are confirmed which is they remain as mere speculations and nothing more. Hopefully, everything turns out well for the two. If they are really into each other, then there’s nothing more with them spending time apart from each other’s company. Let’s wish Lee Min Ho and Suzy Bae the best of luck.

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