How SISTAR Members Felt Regarding Groups’ Disbandment

How SISTAR Members Felt Regarding Groups' Disbandment

How SISTAR Members Felt Regarding Groups' Disbandment

It has finally been confirmed that the hit K-pop girl group, Sistar, has met their end. This is after the members of the group bid their last farewell to all of their fans not only in South Korea, but throughout the world as well. In line with it, Starship Entertainment, the management company of Sistar, has posted a video. In the video, one can clearly see how Bora, Soyou, Hyolyn and Dasom enjoys the life that they have. The girls also took the opportunity to bid their farewell messages to their fans. There are also reports that the girls also wrote their letter which shows their gratitude to their fans. According to The Jakarta Post , one of the letters of the group says that they will see their fans again. One of the messages also says that it’s not really a goodbye.
Furthermore, the message states that they will be achieving and chasing new dreams and that all of the memories that they had with each other will not be gone. To conclude the message, the girls say that they will forever remember all of the things that happened in the many years that they had in the industry. According to Korea Herald , Starship Entertainment also took the chance to say thank you to their successful group of artists. The company says that they are proud of them and that they have really done a lot of successful things and achieved a lot of successful milestones over the course of seven years. With this, one can clearly see that the Sistar girls really did the best of what they can to show that they are worthy of global fame and success. In the messages of the girls, it can easily be felt that they are sad because they are already going separate paths. However, they also show the optimistic side of themselves as they will still be seen by their fans as they shift to their respective solo careers. Let’s wish them the best of luck.

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