How Sandara Park Stole The Heart Of Ji Soo In ‘Get It Beauty 2017’

How Sandara Park Stole The Heart Of Ji Soo In 'Get It Beauty 2017'

How Sandara Park Stole The Heart Of Ji Soo In 'Get It Beauty 2017'

Ji Soo had appeared in the show “Get it Beauty 2017” during its March 12 episode. His main purpose in the show was to share various tips on how to get the perfect day this coming White Day. However, things went the other way around Ji Soo had intertwined in a romantic approach with Sandara Park. According to Soompi , Sandara was sharing tips about how to develop “heart-stopping skills” to enchant a man.
Surprisingly, had thought of doing it her self and demonstrated it as soon as possible. Because he was sitted right next to Ji Soo, she tested it out on him. Sandara Park then called Ji Soo in a very sweet and romantic voice. Because of this, Ji Soo can’t help but smile. It’s as if he just won the lottery. According to Korea Portal , he says that there was no doubt Sandara was lovely. He then adds that it was indeed a very happy day for him. Meanwhile, Sandara had a ton of tips tucked in her sleeves as she shared her infamous “hand cream skill”. She says that this is very effective in increasing the physical contact with the person whom you are interested in. Kim Sejeong seconds the emotion and says that one should apply a lot of hand cream, in order to increase and improve the sensation when you’re touching a man’s hands. Then again, Sandara and Ji Soo demonstrated how the scenario might go for others. Because of this, they are again intertwined in a very sweet and romantic scene. There is no doubt that the two have indeed the potential to become a pretty sweet love team. Hopefully, the two will then again cross paths in a future project or show. It’s truly lovely to see them together because of the potential that the two have.

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