How Ravi & Jellyfish Entertainment Reacted To ‘BOMB’ MV Controversy

How Ravi & Jellyfish Entertainment Reacted To 'BOMB' MV Controversy

How Ravi & Jellyfish Entertainment Reacted To 'BOMB' MV Controversy

VIXX’s Ravi just dropped MV for his new song “BOMB” as his solo debut but it received a lot of controversies. He then said his apology for not being careful about some scenes in the MV. On his Twitter account posted on Jan. 9, Ravi left a message for everyone that he was really sorry for some scenes in “BOMB” MV that caused discomfort. Some scenes on the music video contained objectification of women and he sincerely said his apology for not being careful, Soompi  reported.
VIXX’s agency, Jellyfish Entertainment, also released their official statement saying that the agency took full responsibility on that. They also added that they promised to continue working hard and producing more good music. People are mad watching the “BOMB” MV because it contains many disrespectful scenes toward women. After the big controversy, Jellyfish Entertainment decided to delete the original version of the MV. They decided to edit the controversy scenes and wanted to not include those scenes in the MV, Koreaboo  reported. It was a wise decision from the company because they edited the scenes and re-uploaded it again. It is disappointing that Ravi was in controversy because of some scenes on his MV. He was supposed to shine at his solo debut but it didn’t do well for him. Ravi is very talented among other members in VIXX because he writes and composes music on his own. He also can sing and rap really well and his voice is really unique and charming. It will be a great lesson for him in the future to be more careful so his career can run as smooth as he wants. Meanwhile, VIXX just made their comeback with the fourth mini-album and title track “Shangri-La.” They already got their first win on “The Show” on May 23 beating TWICE and Roy Kim with the score of 8447. Read Next: EXO Ranked #8 & Being The Only K-Pop Group On Billboard’s Boxscore Chart

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