How Hyolyn’s Tanned Korean Look Took The U.S. By Storm

How Hyolyn's Tanned Korean Look Took The U.S. By Storm

How Hyolyn's Tanned Korean Look Took The U.S. By Storm

Hyolyn of the hit girl group, SISTAR, is indeed experiencing massive success abroad, showing that she has the guts and the talent to take the world by storm. To prove this, Billboard even praises Hyolyn for her talent, saying that she has a very recognizable voice in the K-pop industry. With this, one can see how she has differentiated herself from the rest of the other K-pop idols. Billboard further adds that the husky and airy tone of Hyolyn’s voice is what makes her stand out among the rest.
Her versatility in the industry is also a testament to her prowess be it in her solo career or through collaborations with other artists and celebrities. Just recently, Hyolyn signed with Spinnin’ Records, a globally renowned EDM label company. She also successfully took the stage during the SXSW 2017 last March 17, further skyrocketing her career. During the said event, she majestically performed a cover of Ariana Grande and Nick Minaj’s “Bang Bang”, which further catapulted her popularity in the U.S. and other western countries. According to Korea Herald , Hyolyn also had a performance in New York last March 18, and another one in Los Angeles on March 19. This is a testament that she is indeed an in demand K-pop idol even in the U.S. The reason behind her standing out among the rest of the other K-pop idols may be more than just sheer charm and talent, as her look undeniably has an effect on it. Having a tanned skin is probably one of the reasons why she is distinguished among the rest of the other Korean celebrities who are all sporting a pale white skin complexion. Surely, Hyolyn has a perfect mix of charm, physical look and talent. With this, she got what it takes to even further properl her international success.

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