How G-Dragon’s Smoking Habit Breaks His Fans’ Hearts

How G-Dragon's Smoking Habit Breaks His Fans' Hearts

How G-Dragon's Smoking Habit Breaks His Fans' Hearts

G-Dragon is currently taking on the headlines due to reports that he has once again started his smoking habits. Because of this, his fans from all over the world are starting to get worried again as this poses a dangerous threat to their idol’s health. All of the commotions regarding G-Dragon’s lifestyle started after the K-pop idol posted a photo of himself on Instagram. In the photo, G-Dragon can be seen smoking. Just recently, G-Dragon says that his new year’s resolution would be to quit smoking. However, it seems like this resolution didn’t really push through.
According to Korea Portal , G-Dragon confirms that he is still into smoking. However this time, he’s just using e-cigarettes. He also says that he is just taking a break from his smoking habits. But then again, the posted photo of G-Dragon in Instagram doesn’t seem to quite match his previous statements as he can be seen smoking a real cigarette. It is also still not confirmed as to when the photo was taken. It is also worth knowing that G-Dragon has been spotted several times having a cigarette. There was even one time where he was seen having a cigarette placed behind his ear. According to All K-pop , G-Dragon previous stated that quitting smoking is really a very hard and challenging thing for him to do. With this, his fans continue to worry about his health, saying that smoking won’t do any good for him. In the recently posted photo of G-Dragon on Instagram, one can clearly see how his fans continue to support him in following his new year’s resolution. His fans also say that no matter what decision G-Dragon has, they will still support him no matter what. Let’s just hope that G-Dragon realizes that smoking is not really good for his health, especially that he is reported to be enlisting in the military for two years.

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