House of Cards Season 3 Spoilers, Release Date, Cast, Plot Speculation: Is Doug Stamper Really Dead? Will This Season Deal With Russia Or Islamic Terrorists? [PHOTO]

House of Cards” Season 3 is currently filming, here are all the juicy rumors, spoilers and details from the upcoming season.

Filming will be wraping up soon, so expect the official release date announcement in the coming weeks.

As a part of E! Online’s Spoiler Chat , new details are described: “Next season will see new faces pop up in DC.

Will they be friend or foe? We’re not telling, but get ready to meet Dr.

Buzdar, a doctor in her 40s who is described as “very smart.” Meanwhile, Anto Ivonovich, a Russian man described as “formidable” and “refined” will recur.” I will say that this year is unique in that Remy has landed a really great job, but it’s different than what we’ve seen before.

It’s not without complication.

He’s in an emotional transition for most of the season, which is great because the character kind of deepens.

He’s more three dimensional and you learn more about his life outside of the work this season,”  Ali Told the Hollywood Reporter .

Is he going to die? Well, people just need to wait for more House of Cards Season 3 spoiler, if there’s a chance will provide one.

Viewers will probably never get used to seeing major characters getting killed off.

However, for Ali, he is enjoying it.

In House of Cards, he has conditioned himself.

“I’ve enjoyed witnessing, at least creatively, the entertainment value of watching someone move through the ranks the way Frank has, which has been dramatic and really juicy.

So I was a little surprised.

I really appreciate working that show, with such great writers.

If I wasn’t on the show, I would definitely binge, because it’s a little addicting.

I wish we got to shoot more episodes, because you watch them all at once then you have to wait a year.

I feel like this season is going to be tight.” The Latin Times   has produced a list of spoilers, follow the link for the full list: ” 1.

Filming has begun.

The third season has begun filming, according to a tweet by writer-producer Beau Willimon , who revealed that he has begun “binge-writing.” While production  saw a few hiccups with some legal tax matters, the cast and crew have reportedly started filming the next season.


“House of Cards” season 3 will test limits.

In an interview with E! News , Spacey revealed Willimon and producer David Fincher  have a “desire to see just how dark that well is and how deep does it go.

We have miles to go before we sleep.” 3.

The season will most likely involve a lot of Russia.

Remember how season 2 had a lot of back-and-forth with China? Season 3 will most likely be focused on Russia.

First, there will be a ‘formidable’ new Russian character — see spoiler 4 — and secondly, the show tried to film in Russia.

Specifically, “House of Cards” producers wanted to film important scenes on location in the U.N.

Security Council’s chambers.

But according to Foreign Policy , Russia nixed the idea on the grounds that the chamber must be available at all times in case of an emergency meeting.


Patent reform will be a story arch? According to The Hill , showrunner Beau Willimon stated: “[I] was like we’re going to do a story on patent reform because I think patent reform is fascinating.

I truly do,” he said.

“And I want the rest of America to think patent reform is fascinating.” The big rumor, one with a bit of substance to it, is that Season 3 will predominatley feature foreign affairs, specifically Russia, and some Russian actors have been seen meeting with the producers.

Also, Nadezhda “Nadya” Tolokonnikova and Maria Alyokhina, members of the Russian all-girl political band, Pussy Riot have reportedly been meeting with producers of the show according to the Wall Street Journal.

So it seems likely that they will be involved in the new season of the show in some way shape or form.

When asked by The Wall Street Journal  if they are meeting with people from House of Cards, Maria Alyokhina said, “It’s important for us to meet people who are doing political cinema in the U.S.

because in Russia, it doesn’t exist, and we want to know how it happens.” Nadezhda Tolokonnikova added, “It’s not a question of what do they want, but what we want from them.

And we want to learn how to do a political movie.

This is our main agenda right now.” The production team has neiter confirmed nor denied their involvement.

E Online  has revealed some ew characters will grace the screen in season 3 of “House of Cards,” including one”Dr.

Buzdar, a doctor in her 40s who is described as “very smart.” Some have taken this to mean that this season will feature patent reform as a main topic.

Some speculate this season will be more of a “Fall of Frank Underwood” kind of thing, where his metaphorical house of cards is knocked down.

Of course then there are long standing House of Cards Season 3 spoiler updates of Doug Stamper surviving, a more intriguing role for Robin Wright, adventures of Gavin Orsay and Cashew, and after effects of Zoe Barnes and Peter Russo’s death.

All of which may contribute to Underwood’s demise.

In July, The Baltimore Sun confirmed that the series will continue filming in their office.

As in the previous two seasons, The Sun will pose as the setting for the fictional Washington Herald, and the production is expected to film in the location for the next few months.Early in August, the National Mall was closed  for a motorcade scene.

Earlier this summer the show was having an issue with tax incentives in Maryland, but has since reached a compromise with the state.

Polish filmmaker Agnieszka Holland (In Darkness, Rosemary’s Baby) is also set to direct two episodes for season 3 which, according to The Hollywood Reporter , will be mid-season episodes.

The first two seasons premiered in February, and it’s highly probable the House of Cards season 3 will be shown in the same month next year.

Doug Stamper’s will likely return to the show, even though most believe his character to be dead as he has been featured in some promotional material for the show.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly , cast member Rachel Brosnahan dished out some details about the characters.

“I don’t think we know that he’s dead yet,” Brosnahan said.

“It cuts so quickly.

I don’t think we can say for sure that Stamper is dead.” “Michael [Kelly] and I had some conversations [about the ending moments].

He’s very upset with me! [Laughs] It was some tough, crazy scenes in the woods, but I don’t think I’ve ever worked with an actor that is so kind and positive all the time.

Michael’s amazing.

He can’t be dead!” In an interview with the Huffington Post , Michael Kelly, who plays Doug Stamper in the series, said that he does not know what will happen to his character and whether Doug is truly dead.

“I don’t know — they haven’t officially said,” Kelly said.

“And with television contracts, as an actor, when you sign those contracts you sign for a long time.

So technically they still own me, but I don’t know yet,” he added.

“House of Cards” will likely return to Netflix in January or February (when the last two season aired).

Check back for more information as we get closer to the “House of Cards” release date.

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