Hours After Surviving Frightening Private Jet Scare, U2 Frontman Bono Meets With German Officials To Discuss Fight Against Ebola!

Hours After Surviving Frightening Private Jet Scare
Hours After Surviving Frightening Private Jet Scare

  Bono is nothing if not a professional.

An hour after the door on his private plane fell off mid-flight, the 54-year-old U2 singer met with German government officials to discuss the global fight against Ebola.

The frightening incident occurred on Wednesday afternoon when Bono and four other passengers were travelling from Dublin, Ireland to Berlin, Germany in a private Learjet 60.

The rock star was on his way to Germany to accept an honor with his band U2 at the Bambi International Music Awards on Thursday.

None of the other U2 members were on the plane, however.

In fact, Bono had decided to travel separately a day early so that he could meet with the German minister of economic cooperation and development, Gerd Mueller, as well as Walter Lindner, Germany’s special representative for the fight against Ebola.

According to the Daily News , the private jet was preparing for landing as it reached the coast of Germany at 12:27 pm on Wednesday afternoon when the rear door was suddenly ripped off.

The door as well as luggage then fell out of the plane.

The jet was flying at approximately 8,000 ft.

at the time.

Reports indicate that the passengers were in no physical danger at the time and did not need to wear oxygen masks because the door was outside of the pressurized area of the plane.

German aviation authorities have reportedly launched an investigation in into the scary incident and a search is being conducted for the lost door and luggage items.

“He was extremely lucky, the plane could have gone down.

About an hour into the journey they heard a big thud coming from the rear of the plane,” a source reportedly told the Daily News .

“They were at an altitude where anything could have happened and they are all feeling very lucky to be alive,” added the insider.

The plane quickly touched down at the Berlin Airport and a n hour after the troubling landing, Bono met with Development Minister Gerd Mueller to discuss overseas aid projects.

The “Songs of Innocence” crooner also met with special representative Walter Lindner to talk about the global effort to combat Ebola, the disease that has ravaged parts of West Africa in the last year.

In addition to performing at the Bambi International Music Awards on Thursday, U2 will also head to the U.S.

to appear on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” all next week.


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