‘Hot Pursuit’ Review 2015: Movie Flops As Critics Call It A ‘Knock-Off’ Of Another Film, ‘The Heat’

'Hot Pursuit' Review 2015: Movie Flops As Critics Call It A 'Knock-Off' Of Another Film
'Hot Pursuit' Review 2015: Movie Flops As Critics Call It A 'Knock-Off' Of Another Film

“Hot Pursuit” has been released for fans and critics to watch.

Featuring Sofia Vergara and Reese Witherspoon, the film promised to be an entertaining comedy about two unlikely friends.

While the plot seemed to be similiar to Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy’s “The Heat,” fans still lined up to watch the film.

After which, some liked it, while others felt otherwise.

As to the critics’ feedback however, the film did not seem to impress most of them as it fared low on their scoreboards.

According to Pete Hammond of Deadline  The film is a trying-hard knock-off of Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy’s previous film, “The Heat,” in which both Bullock and McCarthy play incompatible cops.  “This movie is one hot mess that even easy-to-please average moviegoers are going to recognize is just.


funny,” wrote Hammond.

“The many attempts at physical comedy just lay there and even the outtakes during the end credits aren’t funny, though the stars seem to be cracking each other up.” Sandy Schaefer of Screenrant  also did not seem to be amused by the film.

She wrote that film seemed like a sitcom as opposed to being a movie, adding that “Hot Pursuit” was more of a collection of skits, each of which were a hit or miss.

“The film’s script by David Feeney and John Quaintance – scribes whose previous work has largely been restricted to TV sitcoms like ‘Joey,’ ‘Ben and Kate,’ and ‘New Girl’ – is pretty slapdash, in terms of how it constructs its character arcs and oscillates between moments of zany hijinks and heavy-handed sentiment,” wrote Schaefer.

“Plot-wise, Hot Pursuit mostly boils down to a collection of comedy set pieces; some are more successful than others, but by and large they’re neither particularly memorable not well-conceived.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, much of the movie feels like a slightly more cinematic (and higher-budgeted) sitcom,” she added. 

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