Hong Sang-Soo Is Seen With Kim Min-Hee Again In New Movie After Scandalous Affair

Hong Sang-Soo Is Seen With  Kim Min-Hee Again In New Movie After Scandalous Affair

Hong Sang-Soo Is Seen With  Kim Min-Hee Again In New Movie After Scandalous Affair

After last year’s scandalous affair with Kim Min-Hee, one of the best Korean movie director Hong Sang-Soo is reported to work with her again. Their affair has been a public scrutiny and Hong is in the process for divorce. His new movie titled “On the Beach at Night” starring Kim as reported by Stoo News . The movie has been selected for Golden Bear Award competition in the 67th Berlin International Film Festival in February. Hong is considered as one of the best movie director in Korea. His works have been widely received and acclaimed by international film critics as the real depiction of human relationship without exaggeration. His movies are known to have very good reputation in international film festival, but not commercially successful.

His first encounter with Kim occurred during filming of his award winning movie “Right Now, Wrong Then” in 2015. The movie won Golden Leopard, the highest award in the 68th Locarno International Film Festival in Switzerland and also Best Actor for Jung Jae-young. The 55-year-old director began an affair with Kim after filming the movie in 2016. Hong was married with his wife, and when the news about the scandal brokeout in June 2016, they received public backlash. As a result of their affair, his wife filed for divoce and currently the divorce process are proceeding. Recently, the media spotted a new ring in his fourth finger as reported by Insight . The ring was first noticed during in September last year, but there was no speculation about it. After Hong and Kim were reported to be together again this January, speculation about the ring reappear. Prior to her affair with Hong, the 34-year old actress was in relationship with actor Lee Jung-Jae. They were in relationship for three years before ended the relationship in 2006. For ten years, there was no report of her romantic life until the scandal with Hong brokeout. As for Hong, he continued his work despite the scandal and produced another movie “Yourself and Yours.” The movie was premiered in the 41st Toronto International Film Festival in September and received positive reviews. Watch the trailer of “Yourself and Yours” for the 41st Toronto International Film Festival below:

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