Hong Jin Young Shows Her Jealous Side On ‘We Got Married’

Hong Jin Young Shows Her Jealous Side On 'We Got Married'
Hong Jin Young Shows Her Jealous Side On 'We Got Married'

Looks like someone is getting jealous about an on-screen kiss? On last week’s installment of “We Got Married” on September 20th, on-camera couple Nam Goong Min and Hong Jin Young were on verge of having a lovers’ quarrel.

Hong Jin Young felt jealous after seeing Nam Goong Min’s kissing scene with his co-star Yoo In Na in the Korean love drama ‘My Secret Garden.’ Hong Jin Young jealously asked Nam Goong Min what he felt during that screen kiss.

“How many kiss scenes have you had?” she asked.

But the tension started when Nam Goong Min denied having a kiss saying, “I’ve never had one.” The actor played it safe and explained, “There was one, but I wasn’t able to actually kiss.

It looks like I’m kissing onscreen, but we didn’t actually kiss.” Nam Goong Min shared in his “We Got Married” solo interview, “How could I make it look like a kiss without touching someone’s lips? I lied.

Jin Young would understand.”   Hong Jin Young then explained her opinion of her husband’s explanation over the kiss saying, “I think my husband is really wise.

I think if he said that he did actually kiss her because it was work, I’d hate his face.”

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