Hollywood Vampires Album Done! Team Made Up Of Alice Cooper, Paul McCartney, Joe Perry, Dave Grohl, Brian Johnson, Johnny Depp!

Hollywood Vampires Album Done! Team Made Up Of Alice Cooper
Hollywood Vampires Album Done! Team Made Up Of Alice Cooper

The Hollywood Vampires project is getting more exciting as more big names are confirmed to be part of it.

Alice Cooper affirmed that aside from Paul McCartney, Joe Perry, and Johnny Depp, they will be joined by Zak Starr (Ringo’s son), Dave Grohl, and Brian Johnson!

Cooper revealed all the additions in his interview with Billboard.

Also, he said that they just finished recording the album.

( via musicfeeds ) “The album’s done.

It’s mixed, ready to go and I’m very, very happy with it,” he said.

“(Ringo Starr’s son) Zak’s on it.

Dave Grohl is on it, (AC/DC frontman) Brian Johnson – and in places where you wouldn’t expect them to be,” Cooper added.

“That’s the cool thing.” For those who are not familiar about this album’s roots, this collaboration serves as tribute to Alice Cooper’s drinking buddies who are also prominent musical figures during the 1970’s.

Cooper said, “I can’t really say [which covers will be on the album] right now, but if you think of it, who were the Hollywood Vampires? John Lennon was there.

Jim Morrison was an early Vampire.

We had Jimi Hendrix, Keith Moon of course, Harry Nilsson, Marc Bolan.

Those guys were all Vampires.” He added, “The performers have to be dead.

Or mentally dead.

Or should be dead.” Here are more details on how it all got started.

From a page of Alice Cooper’s ” Alice Cooper: Prime Cuts , “…The Speakeasy and Tramps were the place to be in London.

There was a little loft at the Rainbow Bar and Grill in LA (W.

Hollywood), they only had that for the club: the club was myself, Keith Moon, Ringo, Micky Dolenz, Harry Nilsson, it was that crowd, every night those same people.

Every once in a while John Lennon would come into town or Keith Emerson and they would be honorable members of the night.

They still have a plaque there at the Rainbow, where it says ‘The Lair of the Hollywood Vampires.'”

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