Hit Or Miss? Is GFRIEND’s ‘Fingertip’ MV Steering Too Far Away From Their Signature Style And Sound?

Hit Or Miss? Is GFRIEND's 'Fingertip' MV Steering Too Far Away From Their Signature Style And Sound?

With GFRIEND dropping the bubble gum schoolgirl image to embrace a much more mature style in their latest album, music reviewers are weighing in on how the girls’ latest MV fared. Did “Fingertip live up to expectations or is the new music steering too far from GFRIEND’s comfort zone? In a review posted by music site SBS Pop Asia , resident reviewer Jacques Peterson said that initial teasers for the “Fingertip” MV succeeded in piquing the interest of the fans for GFRIEND’s new edgier style. Peterson credited production duo Iggy and Seo Yong-bae for the girl’s image, saying that the pair has always managed to set the girls apart from the competition by making them different from what most groups are going for.
Peterson gave the girls a pass in the style department, and said that their new song is consistent with the trajectory for a more mature sound that they started to accomplish with “Navillera”. In terms of sound however, the review pointed out that the song didn’t have a strong chorus that should propel it to the top of the charts owing to the mix of eighties synth pop to the girl’s signature guitar sound. Another review from Kpop Animo  gave the MV a passing mark and credited GFRIEND from wanting to break free from the usual schoolgirl trope. The review also gave props to the video for its edgier feel as well as the excellent choreography that the girls delivered on. The review also gave a huge thumbs up to the girls’ change in terms of sound, as GFRIEND progressively moves forward to achieving a more mature sound and image, all while retaining the basic core of their music. Whether the fans propel the track to the top of the charts, it said, will depend on the fans’ tastes in the coming days. GFRIEND is one of the major K-pop groups that are making a comeback this March. The album The Awakening has already sold over 100,000 copies of the album even before it came out on March 6. For more K-pop comeback news, check out Kpopstarz . 

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