Hillary Schwartz Midnight Rider First Assistant Director Will Be Booked On Charges Of Involuntary Manslaughter And Criminal Trespass!

Following charges of involuntary manslaughter and criminal trespass, Hillary Schwartz, ‘Midnight Rider’ first assistant director will be booked on Tuesday in Wayne County, GA.

Charges are related to February 20 on-set train accident that killed camera assistant Sarah Jones and wounded eight others.

Schwartz was charged on September 10.

Under Georgia law, a person convicted with manslaughter would be sentenced to 10 years in prison while criminal trespass is an offense which carries a one-year sentence.

Along with Schwartz, Director Randall Miller, producer Jody Savin and executive producer Jay Sedrish were facing same criminal charges in July.

However, they have pleaded not guilty.

The bail for Schwartz and other defendants in the case has been set at $27,700, confirmed sheriff of Wayne County, John Carter.

The reason for not charging Schwartz along with the other three is not clear.

Carter stated that since then District Attorney in the Brunswick Judicial Circuit asked investigators to conduct further interviews in the case.

However, Schwartz’s attorney didn’t return a call instantly for comment.

The crew was shooting a scene on a CSX trestle when a train came, killing Jones and injuring other crew members.

CSX defended saying they did not grant the production permission to shoot on the tracks.

The Hollywood production community will not be surprised by this as they understand that it is 1st AD’s responsibility ro ensure crew is safe on set.

Location manager Charley Baxter did not show on the set as the production had not obtained permission to shoot on the tracks and he even expressed his opposition to other crew member before they started shooting.

Jone was not the only one injured.

The biographical film of Gregg Allman was to be distributed by Open Road Films in the U.S.

Following the accident, production was shut-down and attempts to restart shooting in LA were denied.

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