‘High School DxD’ Season 3 ‘Born’ Found To Have The Fastest Lewd Anime Scene Since 2005

'High School DxD' Season 3 'Born' Found To Have The Fastest Lewd Anime Scene Since 2005

'High School DxD' Season 3 'Born' Found To Have The Fastest Lewd Anime Scene Since 2005

As older anime fans may have noticed, lewd scenes in the ecchi/harem genre have gotten much more common over the years.
By one fans findings, the lewd scenes are also arriving quicker.

According to Japanese blogger Katoyuu’s survey of anime series since 2005, it appears that “High School DxD” season three “Born” is the anime that has the fastest lewd scene ever. Katoyuu compiled a list of the top 20, but with the second spot in the list also being in the “High School DxD” franchise, it’s safe to say that the series is probably the most lewd anime in the past 10 years.
Fans on Crunchyroll are responding to the list with mostly humor.
“Yay! I love the ‘High School DxD’ series, but that one second is hilarious,” said Adridezz.
According to  Crunchyroll , Katoyuu’s criteria for the list involved a “lucky-lewdness” meter which involved the following rules:
1.      The “lucky-lewdness” moment must occur within the 1st episode of the TV series.
2.      The “lucky-lewdness” moment must involve excessive physical contact or the characters viewing one another in a state of undress (panty-shots are included).
3.      3rd person fan service scenes (i.e. shower scenes where only the camera is a witness) do not count.
4.      Scenes in the opening and ending sequences of the episode do not count.
5.      Although OP / ED scenes don’t count as “lucky-lewdness” moments, their runtime DOES count toward the total time from start to “lucky-lewdness”.
For those who may not have watched “High School DxD” season three, it is at one second into the premiere of the season that Issei is involved in a lewd scene with several of the women that have now moved into his house.
As for whether anime series have gotten more lewd over the years, it’s of note that the “High School DxD” series did not premiere until 2008, which is fairly recent. The oldest anime in the top 20 list is “Strawberry 100%,” which aired in April 2005 and comes in at 15 on the list.
While the conclusion does seem that the lewdness has arrived faster and more often in anime over the years, it’s perhaps a symptom of the genre.
A more shocking list might be the lewd scenes that arrive in genres that you wouldn’t suspect.

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