HI SUHYUN Reveal Debut ‘I’m Different’ Music Video Featuring iKON’s Bobby

HI SUHYUN Reveal Debut 'I'm Different' Music Video Featuring iKON's Bobby
HI SUHYUN Reveal Debut 'I'm Different' Music Video Featuring iKON's Bobby

YG Entertainment’s new project group HI SUHYUN, composed of soloist Lee Hi and Akdong Musician’s Lee Soohyun, has revealed their music video for “I’m Different” featuring iKON’s Bobby.

In the hilarious video, Lee Hi and Soohyun play best friends who fall for their new next door neighbor and classmate, Bobby.

The girls start a silent competition to see who came make him fall in love first.

The duo spend most of their free time spying on the oblivious boy, recreating romantic scenarios that go horribly wrong, and trying to secretly shower him with presents.

When the girls finally get the courage to confess their feelings, at the very same time, they’re distraught to find out that Bobby already has a girlfriend.

The quirky music video is the perfect companion for the jazzy, pop single.

Bobby’s raspy rap adds to the sassy nature of the song, that is very reminiscent of Lee Hi’s debut track “1,2,3,4.” HI SUHYUN has been dominating the music charts effortlessly since November 11.

The song  “I’m Different” reached “all-kill” status  within two days of its release.

YG Entertainment continues to be one of the top companies for highly successful rookie debuts.

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