Hi Suhyun, Polaroid Pictures From ‘I’m Different’ Behind-The-Scenes

Hi Suhyun
Hi Suhyun

YG Entertainment ‘s new unit group Hi Suhyun revealed their behind-the-scene photos, catching much attention.

On November 19, YG posted behind photos on their Facebook.

In the first picture, Lee Soo Hyun is wearing a red knit with a headband on and is making the ‘quiet’ sign with her finger while  Lee Hi is wearing a black knit, making the same pose.

Next to them is Bobby , looking at them with a quirky face expression.

Below the picture were the words “Where my luv at?” In other pictures, Hi Suhyun are holding up paper mustache sticks, posing for the camera.

Bobby also winked at the camera with a V-sign held.

He is surrounded by balloons.

These pictures were designed by the three members themselves, having written the words on the pictures.

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