Here are 12 interesting facts about MAMA 2016’s Artist of the Year, BTS

Here are 12 interesting facts about MAMA 2016's Artist of the Year

Here are 12 interesting facts about MAMA 2016's Artist of the Year, BTS

Here are 12 interesting facts about MAMA 2016's Artist of the Year, BTS

    There is no doubt that 2016 has been the year of BTS. This 2016, the world has seen BTS top numerous charts and break several records, even making history in the Billboard charts without having any English singles. And just recently, the Bangtan Boys of Big Hit Entertainment were named “Artist of the Year” at the 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards.
Here are some interesting facts about BTS to help you get to know more about this year’s artist of the year. 1.       BTS IS AN ABBREVIATION Most ARMYs would already know this but BTS actually stands for “Bangtan Sonyeondan” which in English means “bulletproof boy scouts.” Sounds cheesy right? Luckily though, they used BTS as their international name. 2.       BTS ARE MULTILINGUAL The members of BTS are able to speak a number of different languages. According to DramaFever , Rap Monster can speak English fluently and what’s even more amazing is that he is self-taught. Aside from English, Rap Monster can also speak Japanese. Kim Taehyun or “V” can also speak Japanese while Jin speaks Mandarin. 3.       BTS HAS SEVEN MEMBERS This is clearly stating the obvious but before you scream “NO S**T SHERLOCK!” it is important to know that k-pop groups are also known to be in the double digits just like Super Junior which originally had 13 members and EXO with 12 members originally so 7 is definitely a smaller number for a k-pop1 group making it easier to get to know each of the members more. 4.       BTS MOSTLY WRITES THEIR OWN MUSIC Big Hit Entertainment definitely gives BTS a whole lot of freedom when it comes to producing their own music as most of the members are known to participate in the writing and development of their songs. 5.       BTS JIN CRIED DURING THEIR DEBUT During their debut at Mnet’s M Countdown, Jin actually cried while performing and it’s not because of fear or joy, it’s because his pants continuously fell down while performing “We are Bulletproof Pt. 2.” That was actually the first time the singer ever wore a microphone pack and it proved too heavy for him. Luckily for him, the cameras weren’t able to catch that embarrassing incident. 6.       BTS ARE ALL TALENTED EVEN BEFORE THEIR DEBUT Before Rap Monster was discovered by Big Hit, he was already an underground rapper and was even in the same crew as Zico of BLOCK B. J-Hope was part of a dance crew called “Neuron” while Suga dabbled into lyricism and music. Hype reports that Jin had been a student who majored in film and arts prior to his discovery while both V and Jimin were discovered via auditions wherein they had to showcase their singing and dance abilities. Jungkook, on the other hand, was picked by the company after his departure from Mnet’s Superstar K3. 7.       BTS ARE VIPS There had been many instances where BTS expressed their admiration towards their fellow k-pop group and sunbae BIGBANG. In fact, BTS considers BIGBANG as their inspiration and role model. Isn’t that sweet guys? 8.       BTS RAP MONSTER’S IQ IS 148 Whoa! Rap Monster’s IQ is actually 148 and if you didn’t know an IQ of 140 and above is actually on the genius scale. 9.       BTS ARE INTO HIP HOP  What’s even more interesting is the fact that BTS had taken a break from their promotions just to travel to Los Angeles, California so that they could explore and experience hip hop culture. Also, legendary rappers Coolio and Warren G gave them a few hip hop tips. 10.   BTS HAVE THEIR OWN TWITTER EMOJI They probably are the only k-pop act to have their own Twitter emoji all thanks to their incredible social media presence and their “Golden Tweet” back in 2015. 11.   BTS ARE DEVOTED TO THEIR FANS BTS are highly devoted to their fans especially their ARMY fans. The boys of BTS make sure to always become easily accessible to their fans becoming very active on Twitter, constantly livestreaming and they even have a web series called “Bangtan Bomb” just for their fans! In turn, their ARMYs are also fiercely devoted to the boy group and have greatly helped them in their success. 12.   BTS ARE RECORD BREAKERS AND MAKERS OF K-POP HISTORY Their recently released album “WINGS” became the highest charting k-pop album in US history dethroning 2NE1’s album “Crush,” who previously held that title when they charted no. 63 at the Billboard 200 Chart. “WINGS” placed no. 26 on the Billboard 200 and what’s amazing is the fact that BTS had achieved that amazing feat without being part of the big three companies: YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment and SM Entertainment.      

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