Henry Is Wasting His Talents In SM Entertainment, As Thought By Netizens

Henry Is Wasting His Talents In SM Entertainment

Henry Is Wasting His Talents In SM Entertainment, As Thought By Netizens

Henry is full of talents for sure. He can play instruments, sing, dance, do sports and other things really well. Despite doing his best in music, he also shows great performance in reality shows. Even, he does more variety shows than doing his music. Thus, netizens think that he is wasting his talents being in SM Entertainment. As reported by AllKpop , netizens commented online that Henry was rotting his talents being in SM Entertainment. The agency didn’t do their best for him to do music, and thus made him doing many variety shows.
Henry is called a musical genius as he started playing music instrument at the age of five. Although at first he was forced by his mother to do music, but then he continued to grow love for it. He is good not only in music but also in academic. It is proven that he ranked #23 in Canada in the past. Also, he got full scholarship in Berklee College of Music. Actually SM did their best when letting him to learn music in America. But netizens were mad as they often saw him only in variety shows. Still, Henry did his best as he was known to be a fun person to talk in variety show. Henry once stated his frustration by posting in his instagram, saying that he was tired and couldn’t do it anymore as it was a mistake since 9 years ago. It was like saying it for the company as he started being in SM Entertainment about 9 years ago. Meanwhile, Henry will release his new music in March 11, reported by Soompi . It was revealed in when he appeared in “I Live Alone. The title of the track is “What Should I Do?” Fans can hear the full song soon and it will be a nice surprise as Henry wrote the song himself. Maybe netizens will be less mad when they see Henry does his music again. Read Next: Eric Nam’s Partner In Collaboration Of ‘You, Who?’ Revealed To Be Jeon Somi

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