Henry Cavill & Girlfriend Gina Carano Not Together Anymore? Fan Response On Gallery Claims The Celebrity Couple Has Split

Henry Cavill and his girlfriend Gina Carano depict the perfect couple and very few people will disagree that the sparks between the two popular figures are real.

Earlier this year, they’ve adopted a dog together, confirming they’re “on again” after being off for a few months.

All indications suggest that the two are going strong.

We have since broach that the “Man Of Steel” star and the female MMA pioneer are the perfect couple and cited reasons why they should be engaged soon.

Of course, for lack of TMZ updates and the like, a lot of what we have are speculations and mere fantasies.

For months, we haven’t heard any news about the celebrity pair and have thought that the two are no longer together.

We have been corrected about this, with some of either Henry or Gina’s fans saying that the two were just spotted at the actresses’s brother’s wedding.

In a small gallery we published on September 25, 2014, we noted five reasons ((apart from the list we’ve already shared before) why Henry and Gina are the perfect couple.

But these comments caught our attention, all of whom are suggesting that Henry and Gina are history.

“Why do you people print rubbish, everyone knows she got the boot AGAIN.

What rock do you live under???” writes commenter Carls.

Another reader by the user ID JP wrote, “Sorry too late…they aren’t together.” “They are no longer together,” writers user FG.

We’ve scoured three major Henry Cavill sites, two blogs dedicated to the actor and a fan site with more than 130,000 likes and there were zero postings about the Hollywood hunk and the accomplished female fitness model.

News about Henry and Gina were coming independent of each other.

Based on recent images, the “Batman VS.

Superman” star was seen attending a fitness competition in Detroit and UFC President Dana White shared that the deal with Gina fell through.

Her management has mentioned that she will be in an upcoming film called Bus 647.

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